預約安雅英文一對一線上家教課程   填表單

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<Rewards Program 忠實會員獎勵方案> 活動期間:即日起至 2018年12月31日止

單堂50分鐘 > $1600  (1 lesson x 50 min > USD54) 

一次購買30堂課 > 贈送一堂50分鐘正式課   (Buy 30 lessons to get one complimentary 50-min lesson)

一次購買60堂課 > 贈送三堂50分鐘正式課   (Buy 60 lessons to get three complimentary 50-min lessons)



Payment must be made in full before the class.


Classes are non-transferable.


This discount only applies to the one-to-one online course.


Rewards points cannot be exchanged for cash.


Students should redeem and take their complimentary lessons within three months.


If a student withdraws from his/her course due to any personal reasons,

the student must pay for the attended classes at full price and additional 500 will be charged as an administration fee. 


Courses that cannot be continued or rescheduled will be refunded in full.



Course expiration date fields are as below

> 一次購買 1~10 堂課 - 三個月使用期限 (1 to 10 sessions - 3 months)

> 一次購買 11~30 堂課 - 九個月使用期限 (11 to 30 sessions - 9 months)

> 一次購買 31~50 堂課 - 一年使用期限 (31 to 50 sessions - 12 months)


<Payment 關於收費>


Please transfer in advance at the beginning of each month or before each class


Notify me the last 5 digital number once done

銀行帳號 將於確定課程預約後告知。

Swift code&Bank account will be provided upon confirmation of class arrangement.



<Cancellation and Rescheduling Policies 關於請假事項>


If you are going to rearrange an arranged lesson appointment, please message me at least 24 hours before. 


For special case that you’re going to cancel the class or be late, be sure to notify me 4 hours before,

or you will still be charged for no show and last minute cancellation. If a student is late, the lesson will still end on time


預約安雅英文一對一線上家教課程   填表單

 Book your one-to-one online course with Anya  Fill this form








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